Kriyas & Pranayama Worskhop

Kriyas & Pranayama Worskhop

This workshop offers a practical way to learn the combination of these two powerful Energetical Practices.

Both the Kriyas and Pranayama purify the body and mind which ultimately open the pathways of the body, the nadis, the energy body, the mind, and the heart.


The Kriyas are purification practices to make the body clean from the inside, the body is our first tool in experiencing how everything is connected. When the body is clean, it becomes sensitive and clarity occurs.

These purification practices are referred to as the Shat Kriyas in the ancient texts of the Hatha Yoga. We will discuss and experience some of these 6 types of kriyas that are practiced for an ultimate purification of body and mind.


When all impurities are removed, the regular practice of simple Pranayama (breathing techniques) stabilises further and centers the body and mind.

The breath flowing freely provides access to our inner world, and can lead to a deeper state of meditation. Our body then feeds on vital energy (Prana): the digestive system and lungs are stimulated and cleansed, the mind becomes clear and calm, nervous system strengthened. You will feel vital, awake and content as your body’s energy system is balanced.


This workshop will be in English led by Marilou van Hoek. Marilou has been a longtime Ashtanga yoga student and yoga teacher. Currently studying pranayama in India under the guidance of Sri Sudhir Tawari in the lineage of Kuvalayananda.


This workshop will be in english! Teacher does speak Dutch when needed.


€35,- inclusief thee en iets lekkers.


14:00 tot 17:00


Marilou van Hoek

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januari 18, 2020